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30 day contact lenses versus LASIK

30-day contact lenses have proved to be a good alternative for LASIK surgery. It can used for patients who are either adverse to surgical procedures or are unlikely candidates for LASIK. Both offer hassle-free and good vision and are considered safe and effective.


Although both, LASIK and 30-day contacts are considered safe, they do carry some risk. Sleeping in contacts can increase chances of infection while in laser surgery the risk is mostly dry eyes and visual abnormalities.

A new contact lens material called silicone hydrogel, recently introduced for contact lens wearers allows six to seven times more oxygen to permeate the lens thus keeping the cornea healthy. Although overnight use should be avoided, the 30-day hydrogel silicone lenses are very popular.

Most patients undergoing LASIK surgery enjoy good vision after surgery with minimal complications. Night time glare and dryness are complications some patients are prone to; however, over the years newer laser eye trackers and larger treatment zones have minimized this risk considerably


If you are the right candidate, both 30-day contact lenses and LASIK can be very effective. 30-day contact lens wearers are immediately assured of a good vision. They also have the flexibility to change the prescription if t he need arises. Those requiring bifocal can switch to those or wear them in combination with reading glasses.

In LASIK, given the technological advancements, the visual acuity of the patients having done the procedure is statistically better than ever. LASIK can completely fix prebyopia though a monovision procedure can help. So despite having LASIK, at some point you may require reading glasses or bifocals. There are many types of contact lenses you can just go throuh it.


With continuous wear contacts, you eliminate the cost of lens care solutions required on a daily basis. But you must have some handy if you do need it as a precaution. These basically cost the same on an annual basis as other products in the market.

LASIK surgery can be expensive where upfront costs are quite high. However, it eliminates all other cost of buying lenses and lens care solutions etc. for many years to come. Many surgeons also offer financing with monthly payments to lessen your burden.

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