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More Contact Lens Features

Coloured Lenses

Contact lenses also come in colours that can change or heighten the natural colour of your eyes. There are inherently four kinds of coloured lenses:

A visibility tint typically adds a light blue or green tint and its primary purpose to be able to see the lens during insertion and removal. Since it is a very light tint, it does not affect the colour of the eye.

An enhancement tint is a translucent tint that affects and enhances the colour of the eye. It is used by people with light coloured eyes to make their colour more intense.

Colour tints are deeper, opaque tints that completely change the colour of your eye. These contact lenses come in a wide variety of colours like blue, green, violent, brown, hazel etc.

Light filtering tints are designed for sportspersons because they have the capability of enhancing certain colours by muting other colours. The optic yellow of the tennis ball tends to stand out against the background and is thus easier to target. Read more about athletes preference of contact lenses over eyeglasses on Sports and Contact Lenses.

Prosthetic Lenses

These lenses are used for medical purposes, for instance, people with eye disfigurations as a result of accidents or disease. People can use a custom-designed opaque coloured lens to hide the defect and match the appearance of their normal eye.

UV-Inhibiting Lenses

These contacts are fitted with an ultraviolet blocker in the lens material, to decrease the UV light that can eventually cause cataracts and other eye problems. The blocker is invisible to the naked eye. However, since contacts do not cover your entire eye, UV blockers cannot substitute traditional sunglasses as far as protection from the sun is concerned.

Special-Effect Lenses

These are also called theatrical or novelty lenses are used like costumes to change your appearance and make you resemble a cat, zombie etc. Special-effect contact lenses are cosmetic lenses and can be used whether you have a prescription for it or not.

You will get specialized contact lenses as per special need of lenses.

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