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Contact Lenses - Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I wear contact lenses during sports and other vigorous activities?
Yes, contact lenses can be worn during vigorous and sporting activities. Contact lenses provide excellent vision for most sporting activities. However, while they are great for vision correction, they do not prevent and protect your eyes from injury or harm inflicted due to vigorous contact sports. Therefore, contact lens wearers should use sports safety glasses when playing sports.
Do contact lenses prevent myopic vision or shortsightedness from getting worse?
So far there has been no evidence or indication that wearing contact lenses improves vision or prevents myopic vision from worsening.
Can I use my eyeglass prescription to buy contact lenses over the counter, by mail or over the Internet?
It is highly recommended that you do not buy over-the-counter contact lenses simply on the basis of your eyeglass prescription. The reason for this is that such a prescription will not include specification for lens diameter, thickness and base curve which are essential in the procurement for contact lenses. To prevent any abnormalities or problems, a fresh prescription fitted by an eye care specialist is necessary.
Is it safe to clean contact lenses with a homemade solution?
Avoid using home made cleaning solutions. Some research has shown that homemade solutions may lead to corneal infections. The best care for your lenses is through doctor prescribed commercial saline cleaning solutions.

Contact lenses are used primarily for vision correction. With advancements in science however, not only are there many different types of contact lenses available today, but they have several specialized uses.

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