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How to Buy Contact Lenses

Internet Shopping has made life simple and convenient. You can browse through different websites and retailers offering the product you are looking for and by simply clicking the order link on your computer, buy anything from the comfort of your home or office. The purchase of Contact Lenses is no different. Contact lenses are available in optical stores, at eye doctors and mass merchants. However, today, the Internet offers you one more option. If you're ready to purchase online, you should be aware that there are dozens of online contact lens sellers. But they don’t all have the same standard.

You can compare prices from Internet contact lens sellers by using price-comparison websites such as MySimon,, BizRate and Yahoo! Shopping. Entering a brand name will pull up listings with prices, as well as links to the seller. The only disadvantage is that all sellers may not be included, and listings may not show recent price changes, promotions etc.

Big companies have the advantage over smaller sellers as they have a bigger stock and the infra-structure for speedy delivery, better pricing etc. Also, widely publicised companies tend to be more credible and not likely to go bust the next day.

A check list to ensure the company you are ordering form is legitimate:

  1. Do they accept telephone orders?
  2. Is the order form simple to fill and secure?
  3. Will the delivery be speedy and efficient?
  4. Is the company credible and can you trust it with your credit card information?
  5. How good is the customer service?
  6. What's the return / refund policy?
  7. Ensure that you have thoroughly checked the website and the "About Us" page?

After evaluating online sellers for credibility and customer service, ensure you pay the right price for your lenses.

  1. Check out the bottom-line cost including all extras, shipping and handling.
  2. Make sure there are no hidden charges.
  3. Look out for rebates and promotions.

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