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Maintenance of contact lenses

Our vision is one of nature's greatest gifts and we should ensure that we look after our eyes that make this feat possible. Even though our eyes let us see all the wonderful things around us, as we grow older, our eyesight my fail us. Weak pressure and the mal-alignment of the lens disallow us to see things clearly and accurately. This condition is corrected by wearing spectacles and now through the innovation of contact lenses. Today, not only are there different types of contact lenses, but also specialized uses of contact lenses.

However, contact lenses demand maintenance for their proper use and for avoiding adverse effects caused by them. Listed below are some of the ways to maintain your contact lenses.

It is important to keep your lenses clean and uncontaminated from any pollutant. Proper hygiene is essential, as they dirty lenses can cause infections to the eye. They should be kept in a clean and dry container when not in use.

Always wash your hands before removing or applying the lenses.

Clean or sterilize your lenses daily with a prescribed cleaning solution only. Do not try to mix different brands of solution and use only what is prescribed by your doctor. Tap water should not be used for cleaning or sterilizing the lenses.

Ensure that you change the solution used to store the lenses daily or as prescribed by the doctor.

Visit your eye doctor as and when required. Get your lenses checked if they don't settle on your eyes. Moreover, if there is any redness, itchiness or pain, consult your doctor immediately.

Do not overuse your lenses. Use them according to the time period they are prescribed for.

Avoid wearing lenses when swimming or in the bathtub.

Apply make-up before you wear your lenses and ensure that oils, creams and perfume don’t come in contact with the contact lenses.

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