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Sports and contact lenses

The ability to see a ball, swing a pitch, serve an ace or block a goal with deadly precision is the key to good performance in sports. Just like ordinary people, several of the athletes too require some form of vision correction. Eyeglasses can be cumbersome and even a hindrance while playing sports, especially contact sports. Fortunately, advances in science have revolutionized eye care by giving us contact lenses and superior lens care technology.

Many sports professionals find that contact lenses are more suited as well as practical for high-end sporting activities. Contact lenses have

Contact lenses are safer than wearing glasses. They can be worn with protective eye gear such as goggles, which can prove to be cumbersome with eyeglasses.

With contact lenses sportsmen can avoid injury resulting from broken frames and shattered spectacle lenses. Moreover, contact lenses are great for water sports. Swimmers and surfers can wear tight fitting goggles to protect their eyes and contact lenses while at the same time maintaining good vision.

A professional fitting from an eye care practitioner will help the athlete sin preserving good eye care and hygiene. For more information on the benefits of contact lenses read 10 reasons to get contact lenses

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